Opening My Heart to My Imperfect Life….

IMG_3512I have really had to question my reasons for doing this ‘blogging thing’…..

In spite of what I may have told you, (or myself), my reasons were very ego based. And that’s ok too. The truth is though, that I found myself stalking my own Facebook page for likes and positive comments. As my intent was to support my emotional hygiene,  I realised I was way off base. But now what?….. I loved posting my imperfect photos that Ive taken for no reason. I loved having my two cents worth of imperfect writing posted on my own little blog. Not enough to do it every day which was the goal, but then, hey, I was even starting to annoy myself!

Recently, on a very bad day for me.  I found myself scanning a friends bookshelf desperate for something to distract me from my emotions. I picked up a book that looked like it didn’t belong on this particular bookshelf, being so unlike any of the other books. ‘Learning to Fall’ by Philip Simmons, has been the most amazing gift to me. It is about the blessings of an imperfect life. Writen by Simmons as he lived out his last years with a fatal neurological condition.

The blessings of this book for me have been many fold. and not least the real conviction I have now, to embrace all of the imperfections in my life. In a world where we seem to value perfection in every area of our lives, we have no choice but to become increasingly more dissatisfied. We are chasing a myth and missing the joy.

The joy of an imperfect Life



Starting Again…..Again

I love new beginnings, the first of the month, birthdays and of course  the New Year. I have yet to convince myself completely thatIMG_3587 a new beginning can happen any day I choose.  It doesn’t actually have to be at the beginning of something. We have the gift and the grace to start again every single day!

I’ve broken the promise to myself of posting everyday.  A long list of excuses of course that I won’t bore us with. That would be dragging yesterdays lugguage into todays fresh start.   I will simply pick up where I left off.  A new day, a new beginning, a new pledge.

Today’s photo is of the burst seed pod of a swan plant, a ‘starting again’ for the plant, the caterpillar and the butterfly.

Just For This Day…….I will believe in the fresh start of every day

Loving Kindness…..

IMG_2950Loving Kindness is not something we think about doing for ourselves…..Life’s busy. It would just be another thing to add to my  long list of ‘ shoulds ‘ that I’m not currently actually doing, like getting enough exercise.

I took a mindfulness meditation class in Alexandra about five years ago and one of the first meditations we learnt was the Loving Kindness Meditation. So simple, yet profound. Sitting in silence for a few moments and asking to be filed with loving kindness, a wish, or a  prayer to yourself if you like. For yourself. Whatever we do for ourselves we do for others. Though we often don’t realise,  it works the other way round too.

Just For This Day…….I will gift myself, loving Kindness.

A Little Quiet Please……

imageAfter a tough day yesterday of computer failures at International Airports ( not fun for anyone ) then such rough weather that the passengers clapped ( or was that just me) when the plane finally found the tarmac. I am shattered. Today I give myself the gift of quiet.  No guilt about all the things I am not doing, or the people I am not pleasing. Or rather, if there is guilt, then I will just allow the uncomfortableness of it.

Just For This Day…….I will be quiet

Remembering To Breath…..

IMG_2560Just For This Day…..I will remember to breath.

I know, I know, its a bit like the joke that did the rounds  in the eighties about the blond wearing headphones listening to someone tell her to “breath in, breath out.”……….Maybe not so silly after all. When I get stressed the first thing I notice is my shallow breathing. Stopping to take two or three deep breaths several times a day can be really helpful for our overall wellbeing and absolutely essential when we are stressed. Bringing us back into our bodies, the present moment and sending the signal to turn off the fight or flight hormones.

To Worry Or Not To Worry……

IMG_1289That is the question?……It is estimated that thirteen million American adults are chronic worriers. The National Institute of Mental Health says anxiety disorders are America’s most commonly reported mental-health problems. Amy H. Berger. 

I only have stats for America, but imagine them on the world scale. At least I’m not alone!

Almost everyone worries about something and yet we rarely talk about it as a problem. Maybe that is because we think its normal. It is so intergrated into our way of life that we don’t even notice it.

Worry is not simple nor is it simply addressed but if we carry on completely ignoring it we will be limiting the joy in our everyday lives. Clearly we need to understand worry better not become better worriers. Worry is an international pastime. Yet no worrier wants to worry about whether or not they worry too much.

Worry gives a small thing a big shadow: Swedish Proverb

Just For This Day……I will choose not to be tuned into the worry Chanel.






Just Checking In….


Today was busy! Here I am at the end of this day, dinner and dishes done. A glorious moment with nothing to do but check in with myself. As woman and especially as mothers, it is so very easy to lose touch with ourselves. As a friend said to me today, “We know what everyone around us feels and needs, but very often have no idea how it is we are feeling ourselves.” This is true of me a great deal of the time. Often I get busy looking after everyone else’s needs just so I don’t have to think about mine. Work’s a treat! and its not good for me. Giving myself a quite moment without ‘doing’ anything (and that includes playing  on my phone) is one of the kindest things I can do for myself each day. Taking time to just be present with ourselves can be as good as coffee at giving us an energy boost.

Just For This Day…..I will take time out to be still and check in with myself