A Note From The Edge….

IMG_3402I confess to finding myself close to the edge a few times over the past two years.

At times that has been the edge of great joy and adventure…..but I have also found myself standing at the edge of the deepest despair I have ever experienced before.

I am left with a sense of gratefulness for the juxtaposition and I am grateful for the generous and open hearts I have in my life.

I have discovered a love of taking photos (even if I am not especially good at it) Looking closely and mindfully at anything and everything with new eyes and finding the beauty in peeling paint.

The concept of taking one day at a time has become a very important one for me. I have taken it a step further by committing to one state of emotional grace for each day. That is what this post is about (you may have been wondering)

My self imposed task is to post one  photo and one Just-for-this-day intention everyday.

Looking after our emotional and cognitive health, or what can be termed, emotional hygiene, is completely forgotten or buried beneath our busy daily lives. And lets face it, Facebook for many of us is not about helping our emotional health.

So, this is me, aiming for emotional hygiene. Committing to sharing it with you (or not) will help me to stay on task with purpose and intent. Can I do it for 365 days? How will my life be different in one year?……….My Year Of Grace.

Just For This Day………….I will remember to smile for no reason.


6 thoughts on “A Note From The Edge….

  1. You do have a beautiful way with words my friend. Thank you for sharing your journey and I feel priviledged to be a part of it through your blog. I’m thinking I will join you. So you over there and me over here………Just for today I will remember to smile for no reason.
    This will be a challenge for me today as I’ll be functioning on no sleep at all, having been up and unwell all night, but I will do it.

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  2. Growing in emotional courage is all we can ask of ourselves. You will not be surprised to discover the numbers who walk with you in spirit, arm in arm, hand in hand, and shoulder to shoulder.
    As always, blessings
    Evelyn xoxo

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  3. I remember a photo of you holding the moon in your hand. Of course the photo was trickery of the shot, lined up perfectly, black and white and dreamy. A moment’s glance and that picture stayed with me…it could have been the world you were holding, you appeared to have it all; freedom, creativity, health, a quick mind, good looks, a sense of humour, links with nature. All of these things were important to ‘hippie-dom” back in the 70’s and all have travelled with you over time, for they were gifts you were given. You still have those gifts and here you are, sharing your thoughts and giving us insights into topics we may not think about ourselves. Thank you.

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    • Thanks Lynda, I remember that photo well. I feel like I’m a long way from ‘The Girl Who Held The Moon In Her Hand.’ At the same time, as you say, we always carry them with us. Getting to know who I am apart from wife or mother is more of a challenge than I had expected but Im sure it will turn out to be more rewarding for it.

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  4. I look forward to following your journey, as you powerfully set a daily intent and focus on emotional hygiene, surely the most important form there is. I am sure the path will be more than a little transformational…

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