Into The Light…..

While walking down a very pretty tree lined street taking photos of the architecture. I noticed some of the leaves on the trees were beginning to turn. Thinking how much I was looking forward to the Autumn ( it’s still so hot here that Autumn feels like a politicians pre-election promise) None of the leaves seemed worthy of a photo. Not green any longer but brown and dark grey, tired looking, as though they have also had enough of a long hot summer. A bit depressing even. As I passed under a particually low hanging branch I actually noticed this leaf from a vine,  shabby and almost black. Then I happened to turn back and look at if from another direction………..with the sunlight on it this is what I saw……..beautiful.IMG_3379

Maybe we all just need to shine our light to know our real beauty.

Just For This Day……..I will live in the light


One thought on “Into The Light…..

  1. How amazing is that. Evidence that there is ALWAYS two sides and depending on how we look at it, determines what we actually see, and if we look for beauty we will certainly find it. 🙂


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