To Worry Or Not To Worry……

IMG_1289That is the question?……It is estimated that thirteen million American adults are chronic worriers. The National Institute of Mental Health says anxiety disorders are America’s most commonly reported mental-health problems. Amy H. Berger. 

I only have stats for America, but imagine them on the world scale. At least I’m not alone!

Almost everyone worries about something and yet we rarely talk about it as a problem. Maybe that is because we think its normal. It is so intergrated into our way of life that we don’t even notice it.

Worry is not simple nor is it simply addressed but if we carry on completely ignoring it we will be limiting the joy in our everyday lives. Clearly we need to understand worry better not become better worriers. Worry is an international pastime. Yet no worrier wants to worry about whether or not they worry too much.

Worry gives a small thing a big shadow: Swedish Proverb

Just For This Day……I will choose not to be tuned into the worry Chanel.







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