Starting Again…..Again

I love new beginnings, the first of the month, birthdays and of course  the New Year. I have yet to convince myself completely thatIMG_3587 a new beginning can happen any day I choose.  It doesn’t actually have to be at the beginning of something. We have the gift and the grace to start again every single day!

I’ve broken the promise to myself of posting everyday.  A long list of excuses of course that I won’t bore us with. That would be dragging yesterdays lugguage into todays fresh start.   I will simply pick up where I left off.  A new day, a new beginning, a new pledge.

Today’s photo is of the burst seed pod of a swan plant, a ‘starting again’ for the plant, the caterpillar and the butterfly.

Just For This Day…….I will believe in the fresh start of every day


One thought on “Starting Again…..Again

  1. Love it. No excuses, no if only’s, no going backwards……………just being in the now and starting from here. Every minute a new beginning.


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