Opening My Heart to My Imperfect Life….

IMG_3512I have really had to question my reasons for doing this ‘blogging thing’…..

In spite of what I may have told you, (or myself), my reasons were very ego based. And that’s ok too. The truth is though, that I found myself stalking my own Facebook page for likes and positive comments. As my intent was to support my emotional hygiene,  I realised I was way off base. But now what?….. I loved posting my imperfect photos that Ive taken for no reason. I loved having my two cents worth of imperfect writing posted on my own little blog. Not enough to do it every day which was the goal, but then, hey, I was even starting to annoy myself!

Recently, on a very bad day for me.  I found myself scanning a friends bookshelf desperate for something to distract me from my emotions. I picked up a book that looked like it didn’t belong on this particular bookshelf, being so unlike any of the other books. ‘Learning to Fall’ by Philip Simmons, has been the most amazing gift to me. It is about the blessings of an imperfect life. Writen by Simmons as he lived out his last years with a fatal neurological condition.

The blessings of this book for me have been many fold. and not least the real conviction I have now, to embrace all of the imperfections in my life. In a world where we seem to value perfection in every area of our lives, we have no choice but to become increasingly more dissatisfied. We are chasing a myth and missing the joy.

The joy of an imperfect Life




One thought on “Opening My Heart to My Imperfect Life….

  1. Wow! That was worth waiting for. How proud you should be of yourself. So many of us go through our lives never actually learning to differentiate our ego from our integrity. Doesn’t it make life interesting and such an amazing journey.

    We come to love ourselves and others, not by finding our perfect self or their perfect self, but by learning to see our’s and their imperfect selves, perfectly.


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