Into The Light…..

While walking down a very pretty tree lined street taking photos of the architecture. I noticed some of the leaves on the trees were beginning to turn. Thinking how much I was looking forward to the Autumn ( it’s still so hot here that Autumn feels like a politicians pre-election promise) None of the leaves seemed worthy of a photo. Not green any longer but brown and dark grey, tired looking, as though they have also had enough of a long hot summer. A bit depressing even. As I passed under a particually low hanging branch I actually noticed this leaf from a vine,  shabby and almost black. Then I happened to turn back and look at if from another direction………..with the sunlight on it this is what I saw……..beautiful.IMG_3379

Maybe we all just need to shine our light to know our real beauty.

Just For This Day……..I will live in the light


Taking Responsibility For Our Own Happiness


This is a good one for all of us to think about, of course not just for a day. I intend to give myself this day to think about all the ways I don’t take responsibility for my own happiness. Maybe not so much in what I do, but in how I think. Giving ourselves and our loved ones the gift of acknowledging that the only person responsible for our happiness is ourselves, is something I suspect we could all do with being reminded of.

Just For This Day……I will take responsibility for my own happiness.


Collecting Treasure

IMG_2230I was thinking about my married life, which is over now, but still so very much a part of the person that I am today. I found it was so easy to remember the negative stuff, not so much the good stuff, yet of course there was plenty of that. It just seems to be the nature of our minds to be tuned into the radio station, ‘Calamity Classic Hits’…. One bad thing happens and the 10 truly lovely things that happened  that very same day become hidden treasure.

Choosing to train our minds to notice or be ‘tuned into’ the good stuff is the ultimate in emotional hygiene. The treasure is often tiny and it may also be fleeting, (like the smile of a passerby) But imagine if we gather it all up and string it together, we would have a beautiful garland of precious moments.

Just For This Day…….I will notice and collect all my beautiful moments.


The Power Of The Pledge.

IMG_3258There is a lot of talk about goals these days, having them, setting them, where to set them, etc……All really good stuff. I know first hand the power of simply writing down my goals. My point here is not to knock goal setting in anyway but to remind myself of the ‘Power of the Pledge.’

The ‘Just For This Day’ pledge is a gift I can give to myself right now, in this moment, for this day, and if it feels like too much of a big ask I only have to do it for a day. There are no goal posts, no thoughts of what my life will be like if I could change something. Just a simple reminder of the gift I have given myself, just for one day in the pledge I have made to myself. Then I notice the difference or the sift that it makes in my body and mind right now.

Just For This Day……..I will be gentle on myself in every area of my life, simply noticing the present moment.

Who’s Running This Show Kiddo!

IMG_3235After a long and tiring day I found myself on the couch pigging out on chocolate and lollies…….. no surprises there! When I woke up in the morning I was thinking about the saying, “You are what you eat”. I realised I am simply pandering to and feeding  my inner child.

We are all both adult and child.  Am I letting my child run the whole show?…….I love the child in me, she doesn’t take life too seriously, she laughs a lot and finds beauty everywhere. She is also bruised and often so fretful that I need to comfort her, take her hand and keep the Big Bad Wolf of life, ( aka, too much unpleasantness or responsibility, from blowing down her straw house.

While I am spending all this energy on comforting and protecting my inner child, I am not living in balance with either child or adult.

Today I choose to let go of the child’s hand, I know she is safe now as she walks beside my adult pointing out the magic and mystery of life.

Just For This Day………I will remember to be grateful for both the  Child and Adult in me.

A Note From The Edge….

IMG_3402I confess to finding myself close to the edge a few times over the past two years.

At times that has been the edge of great joy and adventure…..but I have also found myself standing at the edge of the deepest despair I have ever experienced before.

I am left with a sense of gratefulness for the juxtaposition and I am grateful for the generous and open hearts I have in my life.

I have discovered a love of taking photos (even if I am not especially good at it) Looking closely and mindfully at anything and everything with new eyes and finding the beauty in peeling paint.

The concept of taking one day at a time has become a very important one for me. I have taken it a step further by committing to one state of emotional grace for each day. That is what this post is about (you may have been wondering)

My self imposed task is to post one  photo and one Just-for-this-day intention everyday.

Looking after our emotional and cognitive health, or what can be termed, emotional hygiene, is completely forgotten or buried beneath our busy daily lives. And lets face it, Facebook for many of us is not about helping our emotional health.

So, this is me, aiming for emotional hygiene. Committing to sharing it with you (or not) will help me to stay on task with purpose and intent. Can I do it for 365 days? How will my life be different in one year?……….My Year Of Grace.

Just For This Day………….I will remember to smile for no reason.